The Feminist Wire: Eco-Feminist Appropriations of Indigenous Feminisms and Environmental Violence

Featured Image: Our Bodies Are Not Terra Nullius, Erin Konsmo

The connection between land and life has been told through many teachings through a multiplicity of Indigenous communities. Nookomis Winona LaDuke (1999) reminds us that we have relations outside our human kin and in the environment around us. Indigenous peoples honor these relations in ceremony, song, and in reciprocity with their environments. This is even embodied in our languages. Nehiyaw language and worldview is divided between animate and inanimate. Nehiyaw language is also heavily relational and every work contains meaning about how we relate to other forms in our environment. Certain objects which are not imbued with spirit in the Western worldview are considered animate, or having a consciousness, depending on their relationships with other forms they encounter…

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