Curatorial: Truth and Punishment, Kama La Mackerel

Feature Image: Still From Kama La Mackerel’s Truth and Punishment

“There’s no P in TSD.” — Kama La Mackerel

Click here for a promotional video for the performance “Truth and Punishment” by Kama La Mackerel (full version not publicly available). After La Mackerel performed at the opening for The Ethical Etherealness of Fuck and Love at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, she removed the dress she had been wearing and posed it on a mannequin already in the gallery. The dress, which had written on it La Mackerel’s account of being sexually assaulted at the gallery, remained in the gallery for the duration of the show. On the day of the opening, a collective of anonymous Black feminist artists in Montreal released a letter entitled “Dear White Feminists,” confronting the gallery’s history of institutional racism.

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